Archaezoology of South West Asia

Reports on Animal Bone Research

Exploitation of Large Ungulates (Bos sp. and Cervus elaphus) at Çayönü, Southeastern Turkey

Animal Exploitation at a Cilician Harbour During the Late Iron Age

Faunal Remains from the Pre-Pottery Neolithic to the Pottery Neolithic Levels at 
Mezraa-Teleilat (Southeastern Turkey)

Animal remains from the Ven. 7 site

The 7th mill BC material from Yumuktepe: Diffusion or Migration of the Neolithic Accomplishment

A Handful of Animal Bones and a Horse Leg from Iron Age Masat Höyük, Turkey

Sedimentological Methods Applied in Taphonomical Research, 
A Case Study The Acheulian Site of Gesher Benot Ya’aqov, Israel

Stable Isotope Analysis as a Means of Establishing the Origin of Imported Fish

Enamel Defects in Sheep and Goat: Possibilities for Examining Developmental Stress in 
Archaeological Caprine Populations

Spatial Distribution Analysis of Bones in Tel Beer-Sheba, Stratum II by GIS Application

Exploring Ethnicity through Butchery and Bone Fragmentation: 
Can a Case be Made for Iron Age Transjordan?

The Exploitation of Donkey during Persian Times (500-400 BC) in the Sinaï (Egypt)

The Archaeozoology of Byzantine Ecclesiastical Communities in the Southern Levant

Archaeozoological Studies of Gindaris, Afrin (North-West Syria, IInd Millennium BC. / Ist Millennium AC)

Osteological Materials from the Settlement Altin-Depe in Southern Turkmenistan

Evolution of the Acquisition, Transformation and Consumption of Animal Resources 
on Bey002 from the Hellenistic to the Umayyad Period (Beirut, Lebanon)



Where Did the Garbage Go? Refuse Disposal at Sagalassos

Changes in Animal Resources Management in Akarçay Tepe (Urfa, Turquia):
Spatial and Temporal Dynamics

Animal Skeletal Remains from Mezraa Höyük

Bone Working Waste from Datça-Burgaz