Assist. Prof. Dr. Dries Daems

Dr. Dries Daems

Office: Faculty of Architecture New Building, room 430

Office hours: Wednesdays 2 to 4 PM



Research interests

Social complexity, complex systems, agent-based modelling, urbanism, polis formation, ceramics, Iron Age to Hellenistic Anatolia, human-environment interactions



Bachelors KU Leuven (2011)

Masters KU Leuven (2012)

PhD KU Leuven (2018)

Dissertation: Dynamics of social complexity: Community formation beyond the origin of polis during the Iron Age to Hellenistic periods. The case of Düzen Tepe, Sagalassos and southwest Anatolia.


Ongoing research projects and positions

Coordinator and executive council member of the “Network for Agent-based modelling of Social-ecological systems in Archaeology” (FWO - W001220N)

Co-founder and coordinator of the research project “Sustainability and Resilience in Past & Present Populations (SuRP+)”

Research associate and pottery specialist with the Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project

Past research projects and positions

2019 – 2020: Postdoctoral researcher with Sagalassos Project on C1 Project (C14/17/025) “The role of change in long-term regional development. Approaching the dynamic metabolism of social-ecological systems in the Sagalassos/Ağlasun region.” 

2018 – 2019: Postdoctoral researcher at Suna & İnan Kıraç Research Centre for Mediterranean Civilizations (Koç University, Antalya) on “Polis formation and synoikismos in southwest Anatolia” with Tübitak 2221 Fellowship



SA 510 – Spatial Analysis in Archaeology

SA 514 – GIS Applications in Settlement Archaeology

SA 583 – Digital Archaeology


Selected publications

Daems, D. (2021) Social Complexity and Complex Systems in Archaeology. Routledge.

Daems, D., Vandam, R., Cleymans, S., Broothaerts, N., Boogers, B., Matsuo, H., Mirhanoğlu, A. (In Press) The social metabolism of past societies. A new approach to environmental changes and societal responses in the territory of Sagalassos (SW Turkey). In: Erdkamp, P., Verboven, K. and Manning, J. (eds.) Climate and Society in Ancient Worlds. Diversity in Collapse and Resilience. Palgrave Studies in Ancient Economies. Palgrave.

Daems, D. (Accepted) Adaptive cycles in archaeology. Indicators of change and stability in socio-economic systems. In: Poblome, J. and Vandam, R. (eds.) Once upon a river. Long-term change in the social metabolism of the Ağlasun Valley. Leuven University Press.

Daems, D. and P. Talloen (Accepted) Moving in together? Synoikismos and polis formation through push-pull dynamics in Sagalassos and southwest Anatolia. BASOR

Shaw, J., Coco, E., Wootton, K., Daems, D., Gillreath-Brown, A., Swain, A. and Dunne, H. (2021) Disentangling ecological and taphonomic signals in ancient food webs. Paleobiology.

Daems, D. (2020) Social Complexity and Complexity Economics. Studying Socio-Economic Systems at Düzen Tepe and Sagalassos (SW Turkey). In: K. Verboven (Ed.) Complexity: A New Framework To Interpret Ancient Economy Data. Palgrave Studies in Ancient Economies, pp. 163-201.

Daems, D. (2020) Reassessing the Origin of Polis in Lycia and Southwest Anatolia. Adalya 23, pp. 111-132.

Daems, D. (2019) Building communities. Presenting a model of community formation and organizational complexity in southwestern Anatolia. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 56, 101110.

Daems, D. (2019) On Complex Archaeologies: Conceptualising Social Complexity and its Potential for Archaeology, Adaptive Behavior.

Brughmans, T., Hanson, J., Mandich, M., Romanowska, I., Rubio-Campillo, X., Carrignon, S., Collins-Elliott, S., Crawford, K., Daems, D., … Ritondale, M. (2019) Formal Modelling Approaches to Complexity Science in Roman Studies: a Manifesto. Theoretical Roman Archaeology Journal.

Daems D., Poblome J. (2017). The Pottery of Late Achaemenid Sagalassos: an overview. HEROM. Journal on Hellenistic and Roman Material Culture, 6 (1), 49-62. 

Daems D., Braekmans D., Poblome J. (2017). Late Achaemenid and Early Hellenistic Pisidian Material Culture from Düzen Tepe (SW Anatolia). HEROM. Journal on Hellenistic and Roman Material Culture, 6 (1), 11-47. 

Monsieur P., Daems D., Poblome J. (2017). Hellenistic and Italic amphorae from Sagalassos. HEROM. Journal on Hellenistic and Roman Material Culture, 6 (1), 97-118. 

Cleymans S., Daems D., De Cupere B., Marinova E., Poblome J. (2017). A Taste of Time. Foodways and Cultural Practices in Late Achaemenid-Early Hellenistic Düzen Tepe (SW Anatolia). HEROM. Journal on Hellenistic and Roman Material Culture, 6 (1), 63-95. 

Daems D., Poblome J. (2016). Adaptive Cycles in Communities and Landscapes: The Case of Sagalassos and Düzen Tepe During the Classical/Hellenistic Period. Archaeological Review from Cambridge, 31 (2), 91-107.