Assoc. Prof. Dr. Didier Bouakaze-Khan


Room No: 413


Phone: (210) 6215


E-mail: didier(at)  

Research Interests:

​Rock Art Studies & Archaeology of Arts, Conservation & Management of Archaeological Sites (incl. rock art sites), Archaeology of nomadic people, Modelization for Rock Art Interpretation, Anthropological approach to Rock Art Studies, History & Theory of Rock Art archaeology, Archaeological & Cultural Heritage Management in Disaster Zones



BA Archaeology, Art History and Anthropology, Sorbonne University, Paris

MPhil Archaeology and Anthropology, Non-European Societies, ULB, Brussels

PhD Archaeology, Sorbonne University, Paris



2016-2018 - Need Assessment for the International Research Network on Archaeological Heritage in Conflict Zones, BAP Project [$5,000]

2016-2020 - Cultural Protection Fund (CPF) - Advisory Board Member, DCMS/British Council UK [$40M] ​

2018 - Cultural & Archaeological Heritage in Disaster Zones: Cultural Policy Analysis for Conservation and Protection, BAP Project [$6,750]

Taught Courses:

World Rock Art from Palaeolithic to present, UCL & METU

Rock Art Studies: Theories, Methods and Management, UCL & METU

Issues in Archaeology: Power, Politics & Ethnicity (part of), METU,

Workshop in Sett. Arch.: Cultural Heritage in Disaster Zones (METU)

Field Methods in Archaeology (METU)

Research Methods in Archaeology (METU)

African Past: History, Anthropology and Archaeology, Bogazici University

Cultural Heritage and Politics, Galatasaray University

Applied Development Policy in Anthropology, Galatasaray University

Anthropology and Sociology of Religions, Galatasaray University

Archaeology of the Horn of Africa, University of Botswana, UB

Archaeology & Development, UB

Ethnoarchaeology, UB

Rock Art Archaeology, UB

Themes in Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic Archaeology (part of), UCL

Archaeology and Art of Early Asia (part of), UCL


Edited volume on Legacy Data​

Forthcoming volume on Cultural Heritage in Conflict Zones

Bouakaze-Khan, D. (ed.) (Forthcoming). “World perspectives on Rock Art Sites Management”, Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites.

Bouakaze-Khan, D. (Forthcoming). “Rock Art of the Horn of Africa”, BAR International Series, Archaeopress.

Bouakaze-Khan, D. (Forthcoming). “The Rock Art at Tsodilo Hills (Botswana): participatory conservation planning”. INORA

Bouakaze-Khan, D. (2012). Review: Blundell, G. et al. (eds.), Seeing and Knowing. Understanding rock art with and without ethnography, Wits University Press. In Azania: Archaeological research in Africa, vol. 47, No. 4, 535-37

Bouakaze-Khan, D. (2011). “Introduction: Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites in Sub-Saharan Africa”, co-authored with Ceri Ashley. In Ashley, C. & D. Bouakaze-Khan (eds.), Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites, vol.13, No.2-3, 95-102

Bouakaze-Khan, D. (2011). “Review: Cultural Heritage and the Law. Protecting Immovable Heritage in English-Speaking Countries of Sub-Saharan Africa.” W. Ndoro et al. (eds.) ,ICCROM Conservation Studies; and “Review: Protection juridique du patrimoine culturel immobilier: orientations pour les pays francophones de l’Afrique subsaharienne. B. Rakotomamonjy. In Ashley, C. & D. Bouakaze-Khan (eds.). Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites, vol.13, no.2-3, 283-5

Bouakaze-Khan, D. (2011). Pastoralist’s ways of making culture in the Horn of Africa. African Archaeology Seminar series, Institute of Archaeology, March 2011, UCL

Bouakaze-Khan, D. (2010). Voir Ça, Savoir. Echanges sur l’Art Contemporain et l’Art Préhistorique. French Ministry of Culture/DRAC Aquitaine/Pôle International de la Préhistoire.

Bouakaze-Khan, D. (2010). World Heritage Conservation as development opportunity in Southern Africa. Centre for Applied Archaeology Seminar, 23 May 2010, UCL