Assoc. Prof. Dr. Geoffrey D. Summers









Room No: 4214 (Faculty of Architecture New Building)


Phone: (210) 6213


E-mail: summers(at)               





Research Interests:


Landscape Archaeology with particular reference to the Anatolian Highlands from the Neolithic to Alexander


Landscape Archaeology and Human Impact with reference to the Colonisation of Mascarene Islands, 

and Mauritius in particular


Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Archaeology


Archaeological Methods and Techniques


Iron Age Kingdoms in the Anatolian Highlands




BA Hons (1st) Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Manchester, UK


PhD University of Manchester, UK 1982



Taught Courses:


Artifact Analysis


Archaeological Method and Theory


Anatolian Archaeology


Issues in Heritage Management



Sample Publication:



2010 Kealhofer, L., Grave, P., Marsh, B., Steadman, S., Gorny, R.L. and Summers, G.D., Patterns of interaction in Central Anatolia: Three Sites in Yozgat Province, Anatolian Studies 60: 71-92.

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