SA 566 Current Approaches in Archaeological Research Lectures

Please find the lectures programme below:

The course taught by Prof. D. Burcu Erciyas is structured around guest lecturers sharing methods, approaches, theories, techniques they use in their own research.

26 March Friday

10.00 Prof.Dr. Suna Güven, METU Research Methods in Architectural History

2 April Friday

10.00 Prof. Dr. Dominique Kassab Tezgör, Bilkent University Pottery typologies, Sinopean Amphorae

9 April Friday

10.00 Assist.Prof. Dr. Pınar Özgüner Gülhan, Gaziantep University Evaluating Archaeological Practice in Turkey

16 April Friday

10.00 Prof.Dr. Mustafa Hamdi Sayar, İstanbul University Adaptation of methods in historical geography studies into settlement pattern studies and evaluation of data with the help of historical documents

30 April Friday

10.00 Assoc.Prof.Dr. Elif Koparal, Mimar Sinan University Fragility vs Resilience: Heritage in Rural

7 May Friday

10.00  Assist.Prof. Dr. Dries Daems, Middle East Technical University From conceptual to computational modelling. Recent approaches in the study of social complexity

21 May Friday

10.00 Assist.Prof.Dr. Tuna Kalaycı, Leiden University Artificial Intelligence in Archaeology

4 June Friday

10.00 Evrim Ulasan, E Plus Planlama ve Danışmanlık, Insights, Opportunities and/or Limitations brought by the World Heritage Convention for Archaeological Sites and the Responses by the National Context

18 June Friday

10.00 Dr. Peter Talloen, Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi Approaching identity through material culture: the case study of the Rock Sanctuary at Sagalassos