M.Sc. Digital Archaeology (option)

A. Admission Requirements - M.Sc. Digital Archaeology (option)

The two-year postgraduate interdisciplinary study program in settlement archaeology is open to all holders of a degree of bachelor of art/science, master of art/science, and their equivalents such as in the following and related disciplines: Archaeology, Anthropology, Geography, Geology, Architecture and City Planning, and graduates of various Natural and Applied Sciences. All candidates are subject to qualifying examination.

B. Program Requirements - M.Sc. Digital Archaeology (option)

To obtain the M.Sc. in Settlement Archaeology Digital Archaeology option candidates are required to complete a minimum of 24 credit hours in taught courses, including three required courses and five approved electives as shown in the curriculum sequence given below. one non-credit must course, a seminar, and a thesis study are also required. 

C. Curriculum - M.Sc. Digital Archaeology (option)

First Semester

SA 581 Basic Concepts in Archaeology (3-0)3

SA 583 Digital Archaeology (3-0)3

2 approved electives

Second Semester

SA 582 Issues on Digitizing the Archaeological Record (3-0)3

SA 597 Research Methods and Ethics in Archaeology (Non-Credit)

3 approved electives

Third Semester

SA 500 Seminar in Settlement Archaeology (Non-Credit) 

SA 599 Thesis (Non-Credit)

Fourth Semester

SA 599 Thesis (Non-Credit)