M.Sc. Settlement Archaeology

A. Admission Requirements - M.Sc. Settlement Archaeology

The two-year postgraduate interdisciplinary study program in settlement archaeology is open to all holders of a degree of bachelor of art/science, master of art/science, and their equivalents such as in the following and related disciplines: Archaeology, Anthropology, Sociology, Art History, Ancient History, Classical Languages, Geography, Geology, Architecture and City Planning. All candidates are subject to the qualifying examination.

B. Program Requirements - M.Sc. Settlement Archaeology

To obtain the M.Sc. in Settlement Archaeology candidates are required to complete a minimum of 21 credit hours in taught courses, including four required courses and three approved electives as shown in the curriculum sequence given below. A summer field internship at any archaeological excavation/ survey for field training (30 days in total, of which 15 days can also be a museum and/or an institute internship) and a thesis are also required. Students with backgrounds other than Archaeology are required to take 12-18 credit hours more which extends the period of study one or two semesters. The required amount of time spent doing archaeological fieldwork for the students of the master's conditional program in the Settlement Archaeology will be 30 days in total. The students will be required to complete the first 15 days at the end of the first academic year (during the summer months) and the second 15 days at the end of the second academic year (also during the summer months).

C. Curriculum - M.Sc. Settlement Archaeology

First Semester

SA 501 Theory in Archaeology (3-0)3

SA 505 Geoarchaeology (3-0)3

2 approved electives

Second Semester

SA 510 Spatial Analyses in Archaeology (3-0)3

SA 512 Environmental Archaeology (3-0)3

SA 598 Field Methods in Archaeology I (Non-Credit)

SA 597 Research Methods and Ethics in Archaeology (Non-Credit)

1 approved elective

Third Semester

SA 500 Seminar in Settlement Archaeology (Non-Credit)

SA 599 Thesis (Non-Credit)

Fourth Semester

SA 500 Thesis (Non-Credit)

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